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Eco gifts for Mother's Day

Treat your mum this Mother's Day with one of these gorgeous gifts that help the environment, wildlife or wellbeing!

Northumbrian Candleworks

Vanilla and Orange Candle Tin  £5.99

This eco-friendly candle in a tin has a gorgeous smell – warm, sweet and uplifting – that lingers even after the flame has been blown out, and fills the room with fragrance. Made from clean-burning, sustainable, GM-free soy wax, this is a better choice than paraffin wax candles – the latter can have a detrimental effect on the environment, and possibly your health. It's much longer lasting than a paraffin wax candle too, and is free from pesticides, herbicides, and artificial colours.

Neal's Yard Remedies

Lavender Bath Salts   £14.50

These bath salts are perfect for pampering Mum and helping her to relax. The blend of organic lavender and natural sea salt creates a calming, spa-like atmosphere, filling the bathroom with a wonderful, soothing scent. The salts soften the skin, and leave it lightly fragranced – helping to unwind mind and body and aid restful sleep. The salt in these bath salts is harvested by traditional methods in Brittany, part of an ecological project that's transforming a neglected area into a wildlife-rich wetland.

Northumbrian Candleworks vanilla and orange candle tin
Neal's Yard Remedies lavender bath salts

Penguin Books Little Book of Hygge   £9.99

The Danish concept of 'hygge' is taking the world by storm. Denmark often tops the polls as the happiest country in the world – and this may be due to hygge. There's no direct translation of hygge into English – but being warm, cosy and mindful are key elements. This beautiful little book – written by the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen – explains the concept in detail and is packed with information about how to achieve hygge, along with Scandinavian-style illustrations and atmospheric photos for inspiration. From candles to cosy socks to comfort food, there are dozens of ideas for creating and enjoying hygge throughout the year. It's an entertaining and fascinating read that's highly recommended – and perfect for mums who want to slow down and appreciate a quiet moment.

Lush Dad's Garden perfume   £20

Dad's Garden perfume from Lush will transport your mum to a flower-filled summer garden. With soothing chamomile, uplifting honeysuckle and calming lavender, it's sweet, fresh and floral – without being at all cloying. This is a long-lasting, lingering fragrance, which remains on the skin for hours – a little goes a long way. Lush has excellent ethical and environmental policies, including no animal testing, fair working conditions and recycled packaging along with other sustainable practices.

Backdoorshoes Poppy explosion shoes £25

A treat for Mum's feet! These soft, durable and lightweight shoes are so easy to slip on when you need to pop out to the garden to collect some herbs, take in the washing – or just enjoy the sunshine! They're extremely comfortable and come in lots of fun and funky prints – including chilli peppers, chickens, tulips and meadow, as well as plain navy or white. They're waterproof, so will keep feet warm and dry in any weather – and if they get mucky they can be washed very easily with warm soapy water.

Ecoffee cup William Morris
The Little Book of Hygge
Backdoorshoes poppy explosion shoes
Lush Dad's Garden perfume

Friendly Soap Ethical Woman Gift Set   £11.59

The Ethical Woman gift set is an attractive and elegant box containing four lovely, handmade soaps. The Lavender bath soap is delightful: packed with real lavender flowers and pure lavender essential oil, it has a strong, relaxing aroma that lasts really well, right to the end of the bar. The Lemongrass and Hemp bath soap is gently exfoliating, with a fresh, uplifting fragrance, perfect for a refreshing morning shower. There are also two facial cleansing bars in the gift set: Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter. Both are made with one third shea or cocoa butter, combined with a third olive oil and a third coconut oil. The resulting bars produce a rich, cleansing lather that's great for sensitive skin. Friendly soaps are vegan, made only with natural ingredients, and are produced in an environmentally friendly way with minimal energy use.

Green and Blue Birdball Belle Feeder   £26

In six lovely colours, the Birdball Belle feeder is a decorative – and very stylish – feature for the garden that the birds will love as much as Mum. Made from clay, and specially designed for small birds such as blue tits and finches, the Belle holds fat balls, apples or kitchen scraps – or fill with nesting material. Many garden birds are in decline, so feeding them really helps – and it's fun to watch the birds dangling from the feeders as they enjoy their breakfast. It's easy to fill and clean and is weatherproof, so can be left in place all year. The mesh bags that some fat balls are sold in can entangle birds and hurt their feet – the spiral design of the Belle prevents this, and is gentler on birds' beaks too.

Beeutiful Body Candle   £18

This candle comes in a lovely little ceramic jug. Light it and relax in the bath, then after bathing blow out the candle and use the warm oil to massage into aching muscles or dehydrated skin. It smells divine: warm, spicy and uplifting, with the scent of orange and ginger. The combination of soy, beeswax and coconut oil is perfect for moisturising the body – when melted, they create an opulent oil that glides across dry skin, without feeling greasy. Better for your health than a paraffin wax candle – and the natural, sustainable, clean-burning ingredients are better for the environment too.  Beeutiful supports local and British beekeepers by donating a proportion of each sale to Friends of the Honey Bee.

Friendly Soap Ethical Woman gift set
Seedball Butterfly mix

Seedball Butterfly mix   £5.99

This is a great gift idea for green-fingered mums: a tin of wildflower seedballs featuring a selection of plants specially selected to attract butterflies to the garden. The seeds are combined with peat-free compost within a clay ball, with a pinch of chilli added – the clay and chilli protect against predators such as birds, ants and slugs, so ensuring excellent germination rates. With varieties recommended by Butterfly Conservation as being ideal nectar plants – including forget-me-not, purple loosestrife and musk mallow – Seedballs are a really easy way to create a wildflower garden. Simply scatter the balls over flower borders or into patio pots or window boxes. Even tiny areas like this can be beneficial to bees and butterflies – and will create a beautiful, colourful garden that's full of life all summer!

Bee Good Honey and Propolis cream cleanser
Bee Good Honey and Wild Flax moisturiser

Bee Good

Honey & Propolis 2-in-1 Cream Cleanser   £11.50

This cleanser has a wonderful fresh scent and rich, creamy formula. It's lovely to use – massage into dry skin and rinse off with the pure muslin cloth that's included in the pack. It leaves skin feeling fresh, clean and smooth – and not at all dry. For glowing skin, follow up with Honey & Wild Flax Daily Moisturiser, a gentle, hydrating cream that's easily absorbed and leaves skin silky and soft. Both are made from ethically sourced bee-based ingredients – and a proportion of profits go towards supporting beekeeping causes.

Bodhi and Birch Jasmine Falls Relaxing Duo

Bodhi and Birch Jasmine Falls Relaxing Duo   £36

Choosing an eco-friendly gift doesn't mean you have to sacrifice luxury. This beautifully presented gift set includes Bath and Shower Therapy and Body Moisturiser. With jasmine blossom, honeysuckle, lavender and vetiver, both smell heavenly – and are perfect for using at bedtime to relax and encourage a good night's sleep. The Bath and Shower Therapy produces a luxurious lather, while the Body Moisturiser is rich, creamy and intensely hydrating – leaving skin sweetly fragranced and feeling pampered. Made with natural ingredients, not tested on animals and free from petrochemicals, sulphates and parabens.

Ecoffee cup Pomme William Morris 14oz   £11.95

In a huge choice of gorgeous designs – including six stunning William Morris patterns – these eco coffee cups help save the planet by reducing the quantity of single-use cups that end up in landfill. 100 billion disposable cups are thrown away each year – they're rarely recycled, and don't break down. So if your mum is a regular coffee drinker, she'll be helping to stop the pile-up each time she uses this cup. And it's so nice to use. Feeling very much like a china mug – with no plasticky aftertaste – it has an insulated sleeve to protect hands and a no-drip, resealable lid. It's also dishwasher safe. Ecoffee cups are made with organic bamboo fibre (which just happens to be biodegradable), come in three different sizes and are light, strong and sturdy. Oh, and did we mention the gorgeous designs? See our coffee cup infographic.

Beeutiful body candle
Green and Blue Birdball Belle Feeder
Faith in Nature Chocolate Shower Gel

Faith in Nature Chocolate Shower Gel   £5.60

All the indulgence without the calories, this rich, luxurious shower gel smells deliciously of chocolate – a great, guilt-free treat! Made with organic cocoa bean extract, vanilla and sage, it lathers up beautifully and leaves skin feeling soft. It can also be used as a bath foam – pour a little under warm running water for masses of bubbles. Contains no parabens, just natural and cruelty-free ingredients that are ethically sourced (in the UK whenever possible). If chocolate isn't your mum's thing, Faith in Nature offer 16 other shower gels to choose from including relaxing Lavender and Geranium and fruity Watermelon.

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