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Little Green Space is an award-winning magazine and project highlighting and inspiring green living and environmental action.

Alongside this magazine we carry out practical projects in our local region, working with schools, businesses and communities across the UK's Peak District. Through this work, we are creating a network of rich and healthy spaces to benefit people, wildlife and the environment – as well as encouraging sustainable living, protection of biodiversity and action to tackle climate change.

We hope our magazine inspires you to take positive action and create your own little green space at home or in your local community – and to enjoy the benefits of enjoying nature and reducing your carbon footprint. 

Our sister magazine, Green Adventures, offers ideas and inspiration for responsible and sustainable travel and experiences – with features on conservation, wildlife, heritage, eco accommodation and the great outdoors.

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Little Green Space is a non-profit project sharing solutions to the nature and climate crises, and offering inspiration for a greener lifestyle. If you like our content, please help keep us going with a small donation!

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