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What we do and why

Little Green Space is an award-winning environmental project and magazine, based in the UK’s Peak District national park. Through our work and by inspiring others, we are creating a network of healthy spaces to benefit people, wildlife and the environment, and are encouraging sustainable living.

Alongside this magazine we have carried out many practical projects since our launch in 2008. These projects reflect our vision: that you can take the tiniest of spaces and make better use of it for people, wildlife and our planet. Every little green space would make a small difference. Add them all together and you would end up with a huge network of positive places the potential is enormous!

There are countless acres of land gardens, school grounds, parks, traffic islands, wasteland and road verges which could be doing much more for a healthy planet. Miles of road verges can be planted with wildflowers to sustain pollinators. Field edges can be left uncut to create wildlife buffer zones. School grounds and pub gardens can be planted with fruit and native broadleaved trees. Gardens can produce food and be wildlife havens.

Positive local solutions like these can contribute to tackling global environmental challenges including climate change, biodiversity and habitat loss, peak oil, and diminishing space for growing food.

They bring other benefits for people too. Having the chance to eat fresh and healthy food, enjoying nature, having access to fresh air and exercise, saving money and learning new skills are just some of the many ways that creating and nurturing little green spaces can boost quality of life and wellbeing.

Visit our Features page to see what you could be doing in your space at home or in your community.

Our awards include:

              Derbyshire Dales CVS Celebrating People Award (2010)

              Matlock Mercury New Years Honours (2011)

              Derbyshire County Council Young Achievers Awards (2011)

              Royal Horticultural Society / Wildlife Trusts Big Wildlife Garden Green Award (2012)

              Derbyshire Dales District Council Chairman’s Community Award (2012)

Who we are

Penny Bunting, Editor and Director

Penny Bunting is a writer, editor and photographer specialising in environmental issues, travel and gardening. She contributes to national and local publications, and has written and edited articles, opinion pieces, website copy, press releases and newsletters for many social and environmental organisations, and for international and national newspapers and magazines. Her regular Peak Advertiser column, Little Green Space, encourages sustainable living, offers advice for anyone wanting to boost biodiversity on their plot, and promotes local events and businesses, charities and community groups. Penny also edits Green Adventures travel magazine.

To read a selection of Penny's articles, click here.

Richard Bunting, Editor and Director

Richard is former Communications Director of Amnesty International, the world’s largest human rights organisation. He runs Communications and Campaigns International, a public affairs consultancy specialising in social and environmental issues. He has worked with leading non-governmental organisations, charities and United Nations agencies, including UNICEF, World Health Organisation, Action for Children, Wildlife Trusts, Friends of the Earth and Trees for Life. He coordinated media work for the Disasters Emergency Committee’s record-breaking Indian Ocean Tsunami Appeal that raised UK£392 million. Richard also edits Green Adventures travel magazine.

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