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Tefal Smart ‘n’ Light kettle

Choosing an insulated kettle can help improve energy-efficiency in the home, saving money and helping the environment. It's one easy step you can take if trying to make your kitchen and home more eco-friendly.

We've been trying out the Tefal Smart 'n' Light kettle, and have been impressed by the sleek, attractive design, ease of use, and clever features.

The kettle boils quickly and quietly, and beeps to let you know when your hot water is ready to use.

It has a double-wall construction that keeps heat in while maintaining a safe, cool-to-touch exterior, and a 30-minute stay-warm function that keeps the water at the desired temperature – a boon for anyone that makes several hot drinks throughout the morning.

You can also set the temperature to the correct level for a variety of hot drinks – from 40ºC to 100ºC. For most teas and coffees, the flavour is vastly improved when made with water that's slightly cooler than 100ºC.

Green tea, for example, should be made with water that's 80ºC-85ºC – and water that's too hot can make green tea taste really bitter. We're now making our hot drinks by setting the kettle to heat to 90ºC – the optimal temperature for black tea and ground coffee. This is easy to do by pressing the temperature select button a couple of times.

This feature has improved the flavour of our tea and coffee, and is saving energy, as we're not boiling water unnecessarily. It also saves time – with our old, standard kettle, we were boiling the water then waiting for it to cool down before we poured it.

Cleverly, the digital screen on the outside of the kettle displays the temperature of the water inside. This is a great energy-saving feature. You can see at a glance how hot the water is, and whether or not you need to boil the kettle again to get the water to the optimal temperature for your drink. Because it's so well insulated, we often find that the water is still hot enough for a cuppa, and so doesn't need to be switched on again.

As a company, Tefal has an excellent ethical rating – scoring highly in all areas, including good environmental policies and fair working conditions. So it's a good choice if you're looking for ethical appliances.

Tefal makes products that are designed to last. All appliances come with a two-year guarantee (twice as long as many other brands). The company also operates a 15-year Fair Repair Commitment – this ensures that replacement parts are available at a fair price, so if one part of your product – such as the lid – gets broken, it can be easily replaced without having to replace the whole appliance.

Each year Tefal launches products that support UNICEF nutrition projects – when one of these products is sold, at least 1€ is donated to help provide malnourished children with nutritional food and supplements. Since 2010, 1.5 million euros has been raised for UNICEF, benefitting children from Madagascar, India, South Africa, and Burkina Faso.

The Tefal Smart 'n' Light kettle is one of the more affordable insulated kettles available. For a kettle that's packed with features, and comes from a company with good environmental and social ethos, this appliance represents excellent value.

Little Green Space was sent a Tefal Smart 'n' Light kettle for the purposes of writing this review.

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