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Russell & Atwell chocolates

Russell & Atwell chocolates are created with sustainability at the heart of their production.

Made in small batches with high-quality fresh ingredients – such as organic British cream and wildflower honey – the palm-oil-free chocolates are designed to be kept in the fridge and served cold. With their rich flavour and creamy texture, they are delicious as an after-dinner dessert or a mid-afternoon treat.

We were sent three varieties to try. They were all delicious, with a crisp shell, melt-in-the-mouth centre, and a rich, intense flavour.

Russell & Atwell chocolates are far removed from the long-life, mass-produced chocolates you find in supermarkets. The fresh, simple ingredients enhance the complex flavours of the superb-quality cocoa – without any of the cloying sweetness or unpleasant aftertaste found in some big brand confectionary.

The freshness of the ingredients is key to providing this superior flavour. While standard confectionary can have a shelf life of 12 months or more, Russell & Atwell chocolates should be kept in the fridge and consumed within four-six weeks – although we'd challenge anyone to make them last that long!

Giles Atwell, one of the company's founders, is a third-generation chocolate entrepreneur who has worked in the chocolate industry for 15 years.

“The 'long life' chocolate bar was invented at the start of the 20th century, but most homes have had fridges since the 1950s. So whilst fresh milk, pasta and desserts have all migrated over into the fridge, chocolate has been left, quite literally, on the shelf,” says Giles.

“It's high time fresh chocolate became the go-to standard for quality, simplicity of ingredients and indulgence, replacing the need for palm oil with fresh, organic British cream.”

Giles joined forces with chocolate scientist Steve Russell, who has 20 years of experience of chocolate development for famous brands such as Cadbury, Green and Blacks, and Godiva. An idea was born, and Russell & Atwell was created – initially as a start-up enterprise – during the challenging summer months of 2020.

Russell & Atwell offers a choice of four different varieties. There are milk or dark chocolates, both with Fino de Aroma centres. Fino de Aroma is an international classification describing an especially exquisite aroma and flavour that's found in less than a tenth of all cocoa produced globally.

For connoisseurs who like their chocolate dark, there's also a variety made with 100% Solomon Islands cocoa, with the intensely flavoured centre blended with organic double cream and a touch of salt. These chocolates are perfect paired with an after-dinner coffee.

Finally, the Scrumptious Salted Caramel chocolates have a 70% dark chocolate shell and a slow-melting milk chocolate centre that's blended with salted caramel – providing optimal sweetness.

Russell and Atwell chocolates
Russell and Atwell refillable glass jars

In line with the company's sustainable ethos, Russell & Atwell has produced a new range of refillable, recycled glass jars containing their chocolates. The sturdy, recyclable containers are a fantastic way to keep your chocolates safe and fresh in the fridge.

When your jar of chocolates is almost empty – which won't take long, as they're hard to resist – you can order an eco-friendly refill pouch. Containing approximately 20 chocolates – exactly the right number to fit in the jar – the pouch is made from biodegradable, recyclable material and is designed to be delivered by post, fitting neatly through most letterboxes. There's a QR code on the jar, to make re-ordering your favourites even easier.

The system saves money and packaging, and makes a wonderful gift for a friend or loved-one. There's an option to buy two or three jars, and you can mix and match the different flavours. The jars are attractively presented in a recyclable box – and, if sending as a gift, you can include a personalised message.

Russell and Atwell caramel