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Positively Green by Sarah LaBrecque

As many as 68% of people in the UK have been affected by climate anxiety – a mental health issue, triggered by the nature and climate emergencies, that causes fear and worry about the future. It particularly affects younger people – in a 2021 survey of 10,000 16-25-year-olds, three-quarters said the future was frightening.

One way to combat climate anxiety is to take positive action. While action at a national and international level is essential, individual actions – however small – also make a difference. In fact, you might be surprised at just how powerful our personal behaviour can be. According to one study, says author Sarah LaBrecque, household consumption is responsible for 72% of global greenhouse gases.

This means that, with small changes, we really can make a difference – and Positively Green offers the inspiration and advice needed to start living a greener life and help the planet.

Having hope is the first step on this journey. Although much of the environmental news that reaches the mainstream media focuses on the negative, there are also plenty of positive, good-news environmental stories out there (check out the Features and News sections of this website, or follow us on Twitter @LGSpace for some great examples!)

The next step is action. And Positively Green is packed with suggestions for simple actions, many of which are free – or could even save you money.

Divided into seven sections, the book explores themes such as creating a greener home, choosing sustainable fashion, and reducing your carbon footprint by making more eco-friendly energy and transport choices.

There's also a section on nature. Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety and improve general wellbeing, so it makes sense to do all we can to give nature a helping hand. There are lots of tips in Positively Green for creating more wildlife-friendly spaces in your garden or community – from choosing peat-free compost, to allowing space for wild areas that provide food and shelter for all sorts of animals.

The book is filled with facts and figures, as well as references to motivating stories – such as rewilding projects that have reintroduced beavers, community groups that meet up to clear litter from the countryside, and a surge in zero-waste shops opening around the country.

Sarah LaBrecque's book will leave you feeling inspired – and, most importantly, hopeful. It's highly recommended for anyone who is worried about our precious planet – and is eager to take action.

Positively Green, by Sarah LaBrecque, is published by National Trust Books. RRP £9.99.

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