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Ocean Bottle tumbler


Ocean Bottle Tumbler

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Approximately 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups are used in the UK each year – that's around 7 million every single day.

Many of these disposable cups are made from paper or cardboard – so they look as though they're recyclable or compostable. But these 'paper' cups are usually lined with plastic which is tightly bonded to the paper body. The plastic lining makes the cup watertight and suitable for holding hot drinks – but it also makes the cup hard to recycle.

In fact, research by the Environmental Investigation Agency suggests that, in the UK, less than 1% of disposable coffee cups are recycled.

And as plastic-lined single-use cups decompose, they release microplastics and pollutants into the environment. Often ending up in landfill, the cups generate methane – a greenhouse gas – as they break down. Disposable coffee cups also contribute to litter in urban and rural areas.

Discarded disposable coffee cup

So if you enjoy a takeaway coffee, one solution to the disposable coffee cup problem is to use a reusable cup. This reduces waste – and many coffee shops now offer discounts, or stamps towards a free drink, to people using their own cup.

Choosing a cup that will last a long time is important. It's estimated that a reusable cup needs to be used between 20 and 100 times (depending on what it's made of and how it's made) to offset the emissions produced to make it. So there's little point buying a cup that's going to break after a few months.

The new tumblers and travel mugs from Ocean Bottle are an excellent choice. Like the company's reusable water bottles, the tumblers and mugs are sturdy, and built to last. Made from 90% recycled stainless steel, they won't rust – and they come with a 10-year warranty.

We were sent an Ocean Bottle Tumbler* to try. It holds 350ml and has vacuum-sealed, double-wall insulation which keeps hot drinks hot for up to four hours. The outside stays cool to touch, so there's no risk of burns – a distinct advantage over disposable cups. Or, if you prefer your latte iced, the tumbler will keep it cold for up to 10 hours.

The tumbler is designed to fit under most home and café coffee machines, as well as in car cup holders. It's great to use at home too – especially, if like us, you have a tendency to discover cold mugs of tea you made hours ago but didn't get a chance to drink.

The Ocean Bottle tumbler is a pleasure to drink from. It has a push-fit lid – made from recycled plastic – to keep heat (or cold) in, and a sliding opening mechanism. This makes it easy to sip from the tumbler without scalding your mouth. The high-quality stainless steel used to make the cups means that hot or cold drinks taste exactly as they should.

If you have housemates or colleagues that also want to use a tumbler, you can choose different colours for the lid slider so you can tell the cups apart.

There's also a mug design available. This has all the benefits of the tumbler – the only difference is that the mug has a handle.

It's important to note that, while the push-fit lid on the mug and tumbler will minimise spills, it isn't completely leak-proof, and the tumbler needs to be kept upright. So you may find the Brew Flask* or Original Ocean Bottle plus Brew Lid* (pictured below) suits your needs better if you need a hot-drinks flask for, say, hiking or backpacking.

The Ocean Bottle tumbler is more than just a reusable coffee cup. Every tumbler, mug or bottle purchased funds the collection of 11,368 kg of ocean-bound plastic – that's the equivalent of around 1,000 plastic bottles. At least 14 million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans every year, causing a massive negative impact on marine animals – from fish to dolphins to seabirds.

Buying an Ocean Bottle product not only avoids adding to this plastic pollution, but also helps prevent other waste from harming marine environments.

More than 13 million kilos of ocean-bound plastic have already been collected and kept out of the sea through this scheme. And by 2025 Ocean Bottle aim to have collected 7 billion plastic bottles.

Buying an Ocean Bottle product benefits people too. Your purchase helps to fund projects supporting coastal communities across the world. Local collectors in these communities are earning money which can then be used to access healthcare, education and other services.

We love products that not only tackle an existing problem, but create positive change too – and Ocean Bottle does just that!

Buy Ocean Bottle Tumbler*.

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Collecting plastic litter on the beach. Stock Photo for illustration purposes by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

Collecting plastic litter on the beach