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A Natural Selection by Ana Jenkin

Arctic tern Ana Jenkin

A Natural Selection by Ana Jenkin is a beautiful collection of poems and paintings that celebrate nature – with the author's love and understanding of the natural world shining through on every page.

Each poem conjures up an evocative image of an aspect of the natural world. From the tiniest insects and hedgerow wildflowers to kingfishers, brown hares, and seahorses, Ana creates a captivating picture of some of the UK's most remarkable wildlife species and the habitats that support them.

Insects Ana Jenkin
A Natural Selection cover

To accompany each poem, Ana has included fascinating information about the plants, animals and habitats she describes. For example, did you know that the Arctic Tern has the longest migration journey of any animal in the world – meandering across oceans and continents from the Arctic Circle to Antarctica?

The descriptions also highlight the threats faced by many species. Ana addresses the challenges of climate change, habitat loss and other issues with artistry, knowledge and insight.

Ana's words and illustrations are mesmerising. The book is a visual delight, and is sure to inspire readers of all ages to take notice of the finer details of the natural world, truly appreciate the plants and animals we share our planet with – and hopefully take action to help protect them.

A Natural Selection is available on Apple Books and costs £5.49.

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