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Doulton® TASTE bottle

Doulton Taste bottle

Single-use plastic water bottles are one of the main contributors to plastic pollution. Around one million plastic bottles are bought every minute – and more than half of these aren't recycled.

That discarded plastic often ends up in our oceans – and as it takes at least 450 years for a plastic bottle to completely break down, this is an increasing problem that could have devastating effects on marine wildlife for centuries.

As well as issues with plastic pollution, bottled water takes up to 2,000 times more energy to produce than tap water. So if you want to reduce your plastic consumption and your carbon footprint, switching to tap water is one of the best things you can do.

One thing that puts people off drinking tap water, though, is the addition of chemicals to the water supply – in some areas, the taste of chlorine in tap water is particularly off-putting.

Filter jugs in the home are an easy solution to this, and filling a reusable bottle with filtered water to take with you when you go out means you won't have to buy a bottle of water if you get thirsty.

Buying a reusable bottle with a built-in filter is a great idea if you want to stay hydrated all day, as you can refill it from taps or drinking fountains as you need – and still have great-tasting water. Most cafes will also refill a reusable water bottle with tap water on request.

We were sent the Doulton TASTE bottle to test, and found it invaluable when travelling, as we were able to top it up in cafes and hotel rooms without worrying about the quality of our drinking water.

The Doulton TASTE bottle removes dirt, microplastics and other contaminants from tap water, producing clear water with no nasty after-taste.

It's a durable bottle with a 500ml capacity. This is a high-quality product that feels as though it will last a long time. The mouthpiece is protected by a sturdy screw-top lid that is available in blue, black or peach.

Doulton Taste bottles

Doulton are experts in filtration technology, and the TASTE bottle filter cartridge will remove more than 95% of chlorine, as well as more than 90% of heavy metals, such as lead. It also removes fine particles like dirt, rust and microplastics. The result is perfectly clear and odour-free water.

What we particularly liked about the Doulton TASTE bottle was that the filter lasts much longer than the standard month-long life of most water filter cartridges. You can refill the bottle up to 600 times – that's 300 litres filtered water – before a replacement cartridge is required. (Based on tap water – poorer water quality will require a more frequent cartridge replacement).

This makes it ideal for longer trips, as you don't need to worry about carrying replacement cartridges. It's also really easy to clean – simply rinse the cartridge filter in cold water and wash the bottle and lid in warm water with a mild detergent.

The bottle is also perfect for commuting, days out, visits to the gym, or just to use as home.

The Doulton TASTE bottle costs £17.49, and can be bought on the Doulton website.