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Five things to avoid...   March 2023  ...if you want to help nature, from peat to plastic grass

Eco-friendly gifts for spring   March 2023   Gorgeous sustainable gifts

Easy-to-grow veg   March 2023   Grow your own to save money and reduce your carbon footprint

10 easy ways...   January 2023 attract more birds to your garden

Choosing an apple tree   January 2023   Apple trees can benefit wildlife, but choosing one can be hard

Big Garden Birdwatch   January 2023   Garden birds are counting on you!

Veganuary   January 2023   Eat less meat to save money and help the environment

Winter wildlife gardens   January 2023   Choosing plants to help wildlife

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The dawn chorus

It's worth getting up for, so set your alarm and enjoy the sound of spring!

Ecosystem services

How making small changes can have a big impact, by Samara Bebb-Bassett

How to grow berries

It's British berry season! Grow your own to save money and help pollinators

Ten native plants to grow

Help pollinating insects and other wildlife by growing plenty of native plants

16 ways to save water

Saving water helps nature and the environment – and can save you money too!

Help butterflies and moths... taking part in the Big Butterfly Count and growing nectar-rich plants