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Ashley Fleming is a writer and editor who looks after the blogs at green ecard providers eCO2Greetings and Ecardshack. Ashley is based in the UK and writes about environmentalism and sustainability whenever possible. He likes to spend his free time walking and adventuring in the countryside.

Little Green Space March 2017

In the UK it's reported that we throw away around 2.5 billion coffee cups every year, because they're not recyclable. This figure is higher still in the US where an estimated 50 billion coffee cups are thrown away and not recycled, annually.

Take a look at the infographic below to show the extent of waste that has to go into landfills every year.

The waste mountain of coffee cups

Ecoffee cup William Morris

We love these reusable cups from Ecoffee. In a huge range of beautiful designs, they are so much nicer to drink out of than a disposable cup. See our review of Ecoffee cups in our Mother's Day feature.