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Six of the best natural shampoos

Simply Soaps Hemp Hair and Body soap   £2.79

You get a rich, creamy lather using very little water with this bar, so it's great for camping or other situations when water supply is limited. The healing hemp helps soothe skin and is kind to damaged hair, and the bar smells quite neutral – so it's ideal if you don't like strong fragrances or have sensitive skin. Simply Soaps has excellent eco credentials – it's a carbon-neutral company, using green electricity and testing products only on humans. The simple packaging is biodegradable with a card insert and compostable wrapper.

Friendly Travel Soap Hair and Body Bar   £2.49

Solid shampoo bars are fantastic for travel, as they won't leak in your hand luggage. Carrying liquids in hand luggage can cause problems – you're only allowed a maximum of 100ml in each bottle, which is often not enough for a longer trip – so this travel-friendly bar is a great solution. The luxurious blend of lemongrass, lavender, tea tree and peppermint oils create a refreshing fragrance that provides an invigorating start to your day. As well as leaving hair soft and shiny, it works as a body soap, and creates a lather that's suitable for shaving – so it's perfect for travel. It's naturally moisturising, and doesn't dry out skin or hair. Free from SLS, parabens and palm oil – and also vegan and cruelty-free.

When you take a close look at a bottle of shampoo, you're likely to see a long list of complicated ingredients.

In many shampoos, this list may include detergents, preservatives, and artificial fragrances and colourants. Some of these are potentially harmful chemicals that could cause health problems ranging from skin irritation to headaches.

Parabens are chemical preservatives and are a common ingredient in all kinds of cosmetics. They've been used in shampoos for years – but recently have come under scrutiny by scientists and researchers, as there are concerns they could be linked to cancer.

Chemicals like parabens can be absorbed by the skin – so many people prefer to use chemical free, natural products to reduce the risk of health issues caused by toxic ingredients.

Luckily, there are some superb natural, paraben-free and organic products on the market – and many are affordable and readily available.

We've tried and tested some super natural shampoos – here are six of our favourites.

Barefoot SOS Dry Scalp Treatment Shampoo   £13

We loved the fresh, zesty scent of this natural shampoo – made with pure essential oils of lemon tea tree, rosemary and geranium. It has a thick formulation, and we found that just a tiny amount was needed to work up a good lather – so the 200ml tube lasts for ages. Barefoot SOS shampoo contains extracts of white willow and aloe to soothe skin – after using for a few days, it really tackles itchy, flaky scalps and helps to clear up dandruff. Because of the moisturizing formula, hair was left soft and glossy – we found we didn't need to use conditioner after washing hair with this shampoo.

Noughty Rise and Shine Shampoo   £6.99

This is a great everyday choice for normal to dry hair. Noughty Rise and Shine Shampoo is free from petrochemicals, parabens, sulphates and silicones – in fact 97 per cent of the ingredients are natural. It has a lovely, light scent – thanks to the blue mallow flower and jojoba oil. It produces a rich lather and leaves hair smooth and shiny. Noughty hair products can be bought online on the Noughty website – but they're also available in Superdrug – so it's easy to find while you're out shopping on the high street!

Evolve Superfood Shine Natural Shampoo   £12

Want to give your hair a treat? Evolve Superfood Shine Shampoo smells gorgeous – it contains organic pomegranate extracts, soothing aloe and strengthening baobab. The rich lather nourishes hair, leaving it full of body, tangle-free and shiny. Superfood Shine Natural Shampoo contains natural cleansers – sugar and coconut – that clean hair gently without stripping away natural oils. 98.5 per cent of the ingredients in this shampoo are natural, and 70 per cent are organic. Made in Hertfordshire in the UK, all Evolve products are vegan and cruelty free.

Weleda Oat Replenishing Shampoo   £10.50

Weleda's mild shampoo – made with organically grown oats – works with the scalp to rebalance oil production, without stripping away natural oils. The shampoo gently moisturises and repairs dry, damaged hair, leaving it smooth and supple – and it's great for split ends. We loved the delicate scent of this shampoo – the sage extracts and essential oils of mimosa, tonka bean and cedar wood create a natural, slightly nutty fragrance that lingers on the hair after washing. We also found that we needed just one application to get hair really clean – so saving time and water!