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Weleda launches mission to save Earth’s skin


Earthworms are vital for healthy soil

Soil is the skin of our Earth. Just like our skin, it is a rich, living and breathing ecosystem containing a quarter of all life on earth.

Healthy soil creates healthy plants and a healthy planet. It is vital for everything, from the food we eat, to the clothes we wear. Despite this our soil is under threat, with a third of the Earth's soil already degraded through deforestation, erosion and sealing (with concrete, brick and asphalt due to buildings and roads). 24 billion tonnes of soil are being lost every year to erosion alone, threatening habitats, plants and wildlife.

Weleda is partnering with environmental activist Arizona Muse, her soil regeneration charity DIRT and the Sustainable Soil Alliance to tackle the crisis facing soil. Weleda's global 'Save Earth's Skin' campaign highlights the importance of soil and will encourage people to make positive changes to protect soil as they would their own skin.

Small, simple steps – from planting and composting, to choosing planet-friendly products which are grown with minimal impact on the environment – can make a big difference. Planting more native herbs, flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees will increase soil health, help prevent soil erosion and ultimately help in the fight against climate change.

Internationally renowned model and environmental activist, Arizona Muse, shares Weleda's passion for soil health. Together with Arizona's new charity DIRT, they are embarking on a mission to help save the soil, the skin of the earth.

Arizona Muse, Founder of DIRT, said: “As an environmental activist, I'm passionate about finding solutions to tackle climate change. My charity DIRT is dedicated to the practice of regenerative agriculture known as biodynamic farming, a chemical free growing method that promotes biodiversity.”

“Weleda's campaign is all about treating soil, the skin of the Earth, like we would our own skin – without harsh chemicals and in a way that demands care and respect. It's a campaign that's very close to my heart. We can all do our bit when it comes to treating soil with the respect it deserves.”

Weleda has been caring for the Earth's soil for over 100 years, using natural regenerative methods such as biodynamic farming to keep soil healthy and make it as biodiverse as possible. Its natural farming methods are designed to keep the soil healthy and full of nutrient-rich humus – providing a home for plenty of beneficial organisms, like earthworms, which make the soil fertile. Extracting nourishing substances from these plants helps create Weleda's natural skin care products, like the famously nourishing Skin Food.

Jayn Sterland, MD Weleda UK and Chair of the Sustainable Beauty Coalition, said: “At Weleda, our sustainability commitment goes beyond sourcing high quality, organic raw materials. We also care about how they are grown. We recognise how important healthy soil is, not only to make our high-quality products, but for the future of our planet and everyone who lives on it.”

“Commitment to soil biodiversity is at the heart of all our product sourcing. Improving and supporting soil biodiversity to make it as healthy as possible, is a priority, through natural, biodynamic farming and collaboration with soil-focussed regenerative farming projects across the world. We're so pleased to be working with Arizona and DIRT and hope that, together, we can make the impact necessary to inspire real change and improve soil health for good.”

Planting trees is the best way to protect soil, so Weleda UK has partnered with the charity Tree Sisters and will plant a tree for every Skin Food product sold from April through to June 2022 on, through Weleda Wellbeing Advisors and select retailer partners. Globally, Weleda invests an additional 1% of turnover in the preservation of biodiversity, climate protection and soil conservation and, in 2022, Weleda is committing an additional €400,000 to soil-focussed projects across the world.

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