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New campaign launched to ban glue traps in the UK


A campaign to have glue traps banned in the UK is gaining momentum, with members of the public being asked to sign a petition requesting the ban.

Glue traps – also known as glue boards or sticky boards – are a form of pest control consisting of a wood, cardboard or plastic board coated with a non-drying adhesive. Designed to control populations of rats and mice, the device is indiscriminate in nature, meaning many non-target species, and even pets, are caught and suffer.

Aaron Pardo, of Animal Welfare UK, said: “Between the years of 2015-2019 there were 243 reports made to the RSPCA referring glue traps.

“Astonishingly less than 27% of these cases were rodent related incidents. Around 5% of incidents involved non target mammal species including hedgehogs, squirrels, rabbits and bats. In addition, nearly 55% of incidents involved wild birds – amounting to 133 incidents. The remainder involved snakes, cats, and even dogs.”

One of the most recent victims of these devices was Miles – a black-and-white cat found caught in four glue traps in north London in November 2020. The traps were stuck to his legs and underneath his body. As a result, he had an infection in his leg, his tail was badly damaged and his hind legs were stuck together. Miles was rescued and rushed to RSPCA Harmsworth Hospital for treatment, and to have the traps removed – but sadly his condition rapidly declined and he did not survive.

“This extremely sad story is far too common in our country and we need to do something about it,” said Aaron Pardo.

“I am asking anyone reading this to please email their MP asking them to support Early Day Motion 1477, and to sign the petition calling for glue traps to be banned in the UK.”

Aaron's suggested email text, below, can be copied and forwarded to your MP:

“I am writing to you today to ask for your support in an Early Day Motion against the use of glue traps in the UK. Glue traps, also known as glue boards or sticky boards, consist of either cardboard, plastic or wood with a non-drying adhesive or a shallow tray of adhesive.

When animals cross the board, they become stuck by their feet. Unable to free themselves, other parts of their body then become stuck, further entrapping them. In attempting to get free they may rip out patches of fur, break bones and even gnaw through their own limbs to escape. If trapped and the animals are left unattended, they will die slowly from dehydration, starvation or exhaustion.

I along with major charities and trusts such as the RSPCA and RSPB believe that glue traps cause unacceptable cruelty, and their indiscriminate nature means that many non-target species, even pets are caught out and suffer.

Below I have linked the EDM 1477 for you to support:

In addition, I urge you to sign and share this petition:

Many thanks for your time and support.”

Glue traps are intended for rats and mice, but other animals such as hedgehogs, wild birds and pet cats can also get caught.

Photo by Josh Mills on Unsplash