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Creature Candy joins effort to save much-loved Scottish Seabird Centre

Small homewares and gifts company Creature Candy are helping to raise money for the Scottish Seabird Centre through the sale of limited edition puffin prints.

The Scottish Seabird Centre, based in North Berwick, Scotland, was first opened in May 2000, and provides education about the Scottish marine environment, as well as support for conservation projects.

But in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the centre has had to close its doors to safeguard staff and visitors – and as a result is suffering major financial difficulties. To avoid permanent closure, an overall fundraising target of £200,000 has been set – and Creature Candy are contributing to the fundraising efforts to help ensure that the centre can continue its important work.

"Creature Candy are proud to support a number of wildlife charities and important conservation projects,” said Lizzie Barker, founder and director of Creature Candy.

“The Scottish Seabird Centre provides a wonderful environment for the public to enjoy and learn about seabirds and other marine animals. It also plays an important role in the conservation and protection of some of the most fragile habitats on the planet. Its survival is imperative and we sincerely hope we can help to make this happen.”

Creature Candy's four-week campaign will be launched on Monday 8 June via Crowdfunder. The limited edition puffin art prints will cost £15 each, with £5 from each print sold going to the Scottish Seabird Centre. They have set a goal of £10,000 in total – providing a donation of £3333 for the centre – but are hoping to raise as much as possible.

Creature Candy is a homewares and gifts company based in Warwickshire. The company was created to raise awareness of Britain's declining and protected wildlife species, to encourage and inspire people to take an active role in conservation, and to help raise funds for those charities working hard to protect wildlife. So far they have raised almost £10,000 for the charities they support.