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Running to bring back woodlands in the Cambrian Mountains

Waterfall in Cambrian Mountains woodland

Cambrian Wildwood is asking people to support its trustee Simon Ayres, who is taking part in the Aberystwyth 10K Charity Run on Sunday 3 December.

Simon is running to raise funds to help reforest a 350-acre stretch of land in the Cambrian Mountains.

The Cambrian Wildwood / Coetir Anian initiative – which is managed by the charity Wales Wild Land Foundation – aims to restore the native forest and other natural habitats, and reintroduce missing native species, in the northern part of the Cambrian Mountains in west Wales.

Cambrian Wildwood's initial focus is on the 350-acre Bwlch Corog, which it acquired on a 125-year lease from Woodland Trust in May 2017.

Location of Bwlch Corog

Bwlch Corog is currently dominated by purple moor grass, with about 25 acres of ancient woodland in the northern corner alongside a couple of streams. Cambrian Wildwood aims to increase the area of woodland, with native woodland colonizing naturally, assisted by the planting of around 5,000 trees.

It also plans to restore the heathland, bring back many lost animal species, and create trails that will allow people to walk around and enjoy the wildwood.

“Now that we have acquired land for the project, we need people's support to start the restoration of wildlife on Bwlch Corog and to transform it into a beautiful, wild landscape for people to visit and enjoy,” said Cambrian Wildwood's Phil Evans.

Other plans for 2018 include access to the site for children's education, and a range of studies to identify the birds, plants and invertebrates that are currently present on the site.

A rare birch tree (Betula Celtiberica) has already been discovered at Bwlch Corog.

To support Simon in his bid to help bring back the wildwood, please click here.