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Crowdfunding is the practise of funding a project, venture or charity by raising lots of small amounts of money from a large number of people. Using the internet and social media, a crowdfunding campaign can spread the word about a charity's work far and wide – and if enough people are reached, the money raised can have a real impact on the success of a project.

Crowdfunding is a great way for charities to raise money and find new supporters. It's low cost and doesn't require any specialist expertise, which makes it particularly good for small and medium sized charities with limited resources.

WildCrowd is a not-for-profit crowdfunding and volunteering website focused on conservation, the environment and animal welfare. WildCrowd only supports registered charities.

WildCrowd's aim is to build an online community of people who care about conservation, the environment and animal welfare and who want to make a difference. Visitors to WildCrowd can browse a range of innovative projects and contribute money, time or goods.

Charities keep all the money they raise (after the deduction of a small administration fee) but, if they don't reach their target, they must tell supporters what they will do differently. This could be adding money from somewhere else, running a new campaign or scaling back their project. When the project is complete, a report is posted to tell supporters how their contributions were used and what the project achieved.

Confused about crowdfunding? We explain what it's all about and take a look at innovative new crowdfunding organisation, WildCrowd

Donors to campaigns featured on WildCrowd can claim a reward, or thank you, from one of the companies included the reward scheme. The rewards available depend on the size of the donation and could range from money off organic cosmetics to a free vegetable box or T-shirt. All rewards are provided by carefully chosen ethical companies.

This is different from other reward-based crowdfunding platforms where charities must provide their own rewards – and means that charities using WildCrowd are able to keep more of the money they raise.

The reward scheme is also a great way for WildCrowd to showcase ethical companies that not only produce fantastic products, but also care about the planet and the creatures we share it with.

For more information about how you can help a selection of conservation, environmental and animal welfare charities, including the Pollinating the Peak campaign (pictured above), visit

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