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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Avoid needless packaging and carrier bags when shopping - they take energy to produce, then end up in landfill, creating even more greenhouse gases. And compost your kitchen waste - your garden will thank you for it.

Turn your central heating down. Just turning it down by 1 degree can save 250kg of carbon and up to £30 off your fuel bill. If you're still cold put a jumper on, or wrap up in a snuggly, fleecy blanket.

Drive less, walk more. Or cycle. This is good for your health and well-being too. It eases congestion, and cuts pollution that causes problems like asthma. Walking kids to school, instead of driving, improves their concentration.

Join an environmental group. Individual changes are important but international and national action is vital. Decision-makers need to know that we expect them to act to protect our environment. Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, the Wildlife Trusts and others work for environmental change. And check out

Buy local produce whenever possible. Farmers’ markets are a way to find out who's producing what locally. When shopping, buy local first, then British, then European, then worldwide. Or grow and produce your own food.

It's easy being   green!

Cycle to work, buy local, reduce, reuse, recycle. Here are 10 simple actions you can take to reduce your carbon footprint

Green up your home. Make sure it has adequate insulation, switch to a green energy supplier and don't waste water. Or really go for it and install solar panels or a wind turbine!

Fly less. When planning your next holiday, think about how you are going to get there. Is it possible to go by train, instead of plane? If you must fly, try to limit flights to, say, one a year. Take one long family holiday, rather than several shorter ones - and avoid weekends in long-haul destinations.

Switch off all appliances when not in use. Leaving appliances like TVs on standby consumes almost as much energy as keeping them on. Avoid the "phantom-charge" - things like PCs can continue to gobble power, even when switched off, without you even knowing it. Solution? Switch the power off at the wall.

Switch to low energy light bulbs. Easy to do - and in the long run it will save you money, too! Each energy saving bulb could save you up to £100 of electricity during its lifetime.

Create your own little green space! Wildlife habitats are shrinking and disappearing. By making your own patch as wildlife-friendly as possible, you can help halt the decline of many different species.

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