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Big Garden Birdwatch

Get ready for the

Are you ready for the Big Garden Birdwatch? Start offering food to your garden birds now, and help them through the cold months of winter

Next month's Big Garden Birdwatch, on 26-28 January 2019, will be here before we know it. But if you want to take part it's no good just sticking some bird food out the night before.

Start attracting birds to your garden now, by offering a variety of foods – and by doing so you'll be helping garden birds to survive during the most challenging time of year.

Peanuts, sunflower seeds, nyger seeds and suet bars will attract all sorts of species, from robins and goldfinches to siskins and woodpeckers.


Some kitchen scraps are also suitable – try leftover cheese, cooked rice and pastry for example.

Offer a variety of different foods, and you could attract all kinds of birds to your garden. Here's a video of birds on our garden feeders, filmed during just one hour on a rainy December day.

In 2018's Big Garden Birdwatch 420,489 people took part, recording sightings of almost seven million birds. The three most commonly seen birds were house sparrows, starlings and blue tits.

What will you see in 2019?

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