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Rewilding your garden   February 2021   Make your garden wilder for nature. By Gwyneth Rees

Return of the beavers   February 2021   This year will see beaver reintroductions in five counties

Finn's Garden Friends   February 2021   A book exploring the importance of our relationship with nature

Homes for birds   January 2021   Ideas for creating shelter and nesting places for garden birds

Woodmeadows   November 2020   A unique habitat in Yorkshire

Eco Christmas gift guide   November 2020   A round-up of environmentally friendly gifts

The eco-friendly kitchen   September 2020   Tips for a sustainable kitchen

Bee-friendly gardens   September 2020  Provide vital late nectar for pollinators this autumn

Wild food for free   September 2020   Try a little foraging and look out for five free hedgerow fruits

What to grow now   July 2020  Vegetables to grow in July – and you don't need masses of space

Bee 'appy!   July 2020   A new app helps you spot and identify the 'Big 8' of Britain's bumblebee world

Nature helps   April 2020   In these challenging times, outdoor spaces are more important than ever

Protecting our peatlands   April 2020   We can help save these precious wild landscapes

Seeds of Hope   April 2020   A new Scottish project spreading joy with wildflowers during COVID-19

Hedges – a quick guide   January 2020   Why hedges are important, and how to plant one

The bird-friendly garden   January 2020  Help garden birds survive through the cold winter months

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Our garden superheroes

These are the plants, animals and insects that you want to have in your garden

Create a pond

Why ponds are important, and tips for creating this biodiversity boosting habitat


The good, the bad and the ugly. Why to avoid plastic grass, and what to do instead

Wild East

A project creating nature regeneration and rewilding sites in the East of England

Wildflowers, not weeds!

So-called 'weeds' can boost biodiversity – let's give them a chance to grow!

30 Days Wild

It's the UK's biggest nature challenge! We suggest 30 ways to take part